Pick Of the Month - August 2017

Every month we select one of our favourite designs to share with you, and to start things off this August we are focussing on our brand new Audio Cabinet - the PRO650TT!



Each Project cabinet is designed to fit together with its contemporaries, creating holistic runs of TV stands, audio accessories and storage units to keep your technology together in the same place. With that in mind, the PRO650TT represents the best way to integrate the latest audio technology within the rest of your home theatre set-up, but in particular offers a new way to house your turntable.

Most hi-fi racks and cabinets designed for turntables tend to be quite tall, standing apart from the rest of your media furniture and built to house a full hi-fi separates series. The 650TT is something different: a low-lying, stylish home for your turntable designed to bring your entertainment centre together, combining a leather-effect turntable shelf with our hand-finished glass panels in any Project colour.

Below the turntable shelf you will also find space for a matching AV component, with extra space and ventilation added for larger amplifiers. Our cable management system also keeps all of your wires neatly hidden away, allowing you to focus on the music without worrying about clutter.



Clean, simple and refined - everything you love about your Project TV stands and storage, now for your turntable. Why not find out more about the new additions to our Project collection by signing up to our newsletter below and receive 10% off a 650TT today?

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