Project Spotlight - Infrared Repeaters

Project Spotlight is your chance to find out more about what makes our furniture tick, from the design and manufacturing process to the engineering features which make an Optimum Project cabinet special. This time its the turn of our hidden accessory, included with every glass panel audiovisual cabinet: the Optimum Infrared Repeater.

While our fabric-fronted cabinets are designed to allow infrared signals through unimpeded, the construction of our glass panel doors prevents your remote control from accessing the components inside. To combat this we include an infrared repeater kit in every 1600GG, 1300FG, 650TT, 650FD and 650GG AV cabinet as standard.

Your Optimum Infrared Repeater connects up to six components to an eyepiece on the top of the cabinet, transmitting infrared signals from your controllers to the correct components whilst keeping your technology neatly hidden away. This means that your cabinet looks exactly the same when fresh out of the box as it does filled with all of the latest technology - neat, clean and stylish.

Should you need to connect further components elsewhere in your home you can also purchase additional repeaters direct from Optimum Project for £40 each. Simply get in touch on 0113 834 7441 for more details or to find out about our range of accessories!

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