Features + Colours

We make your furniture and technology work together. Optimum Project designs are packed full of features and available in an endless variety of colours. This is what makes your furniture special.

Features Key

Glass-Fronted Doors

All of our Optimum Project cabinets are built from hand-finished bespoke glass panels, with selected designs continuing this theme onto the flip-down doors and drawers.

Fabric-Fronted Doors

Selected Project cabinets include Infrared-friendly flip-down doors with black audio fabric, keeping your technology hidden whilst allowing sound through.

Removable Back Panels

The back panels of many of our cabinets are easily removable, allowing for easy installation of and access to your components.

Silent Push-Release Doors

Our flip-down doors and drawers use precision-engineered soft-release hardware to open and close, maintaining a futuristic feel without the need for buttons or handles.

Adjustable Levellers

Hidden in the base of every Project cabinet are integrated levellers, designed to adjust the height of your cabinet to match the contours of your floor. These are easily accessible from the inside and can also be used to raise your cabinet’s wheels off the ground to lock it in position.

Cable Management Systems

Every compartment of every stand is interconnected with the rest of the cabinet, allowing free access to cables from one component to another.

Hidden Soft-Roll Wheels

Our cabinets include discreet wheels built into the base, which allow the cabinet to be moved easily even when fully laden.

Dedicated Audio Shelves

Project cabinets are designed specifically for audio technology, from soundbars and centre speakers to turntables and amplifiers.

Optimum Infrared Repeater

Our Infrared Repeater is included as standard in selected models to ensure that your technology still performs at its best when hidden away behind solid doors.

Integrated Ventilation

Our cabinets include integrated ventilation ports wherever possible to draw air into, through and out of the cabinet to keep your components cool.

Colours Key

Brilliant White (WHI)

By extracting the green tint from tempered glass we have created a clean, brilliant white, perfect for futuristic media spaces.

Gloss Black (BLK)

Our Gloss Black is built from handmade glass panelling and polished to a mirror sheen, perfectly matching the latest TV screens.

Graphite Grey (GRA)

The graphite is a gloss grey finish, suitable for a range of different styles with a high-tech look.

Fjord Blue (FJO)

A light and gentle blue-grey finish, our Fjord Blue is suitable for any room with a refined touch.

Saffron Yellow (SFY)

The Saffron is a mellow, sandy gold, perfect for adding a spot of colour to a media room or to compliment another Project finish.

Midnight Blue (MBL)

Deep and brooding, our Midnight Blue blends beautifully with our darker and lighter finish options to add a real statement to any space.

Cardinal Red (CAR)

Bright and adventurous, Cardinal is the ideal spot colour to liven up a room or to offset your technology in style.

Walnut (WAL)

Traditional and warm, Walnut is the best choice of colour to finish off your space or to offset your technology in style.

Bespoke Colours

As every Optimum Project design is handmade we are able to offer a comprehensive customisation service on all of our designs. Contact us now to find out more.